CMR X-Ray, LLC has taken imaging technology into the twenty-first century.  CMR X-Ray, LLC has evolved Tomorrow’s Imaging Technology Today.  No longer are you tied to a high voltage power source.  Using CMR X-Ray, LLC imaging technology you can use 115 VAC and a mere 20 amps. 

440 VAC  ———➪ 115 VAC

CMR X-Ray, LLC technology delivers…

  • High Quality imaging technology
  • Safe and Secure imaging equipment and resources
  • Power Source technology with today’s and tomorrow’s imaging needs in mind
  • Proven reliable technology
  • Continuous Improvements to all aspects of CMR X-Ray, LLC’s technologies
  • Customer Driven imaging technology addressing a wide range of imaging needs.

Review the specifications of one of CMR X-Ray’s evolutionary radiologic generator’s, the GMX Rad III X-Ray Generator.  Also, included below are just a few of our other imaging technology solutions you may want to discuss.

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In addition to cutting edge radiologic innovations, CMR X-Ray, LLC offers an array of Radiography equipment and engineering services…

  • Generators, High Frequency
  • Radiographic Units, chest
  • Radiographic Units, digital
  • Radiographic Units, digital subtraction angiography
  • Radiographic Units, mobile
  • Radiographic Units, tomographic
  • Tables, Elevating
  • Tables, stationary top
  • Tables, floating top
  • Patient Positioning Equipment
  • X-ray tube mounts
  • X-ray tubes and equipment
  • Holders, vertical
  • Holders, wall mount
  • Automatic Exposure Controls
  • Image Intensifier System, digital
  • Image Processing Systems, digital - PACS/PCR

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