MRH Radiographic Systems

The general radiographic applications of the MRH Radiographic Systems (i.e., MRH Alfa, MRH II, and MRH IIE) are designed for general extremity, head, abdominal and thoracic imaging.  Equipped with state-of-the-art control technology that permits the systems to perform studies quickly and efficiently which leads to increased productivity.  The control console features an anatomical programmer for fast and accurate radiographic technical selection. The system can be configured with one or more digital detector.  Compact design and minimal pre-installation requirements facilitate installation in areas of limited space.


MRH Radiographic Systems

Designed for general radiographic applications such as extremity, head, abdominal and thoracic imaging.


The MRH II / E series equipment has been designed for bone, abdomen, chest, etc., radiography applications. Their robust structures ensures a reliable operation in high demand environments. The board, resistant and of low attenuation, has movement in the four directions. The MRH II / E are provided with Bucky sensors in the table and Wall support. The floor-supporting column and frontal control panels allow easy positioning.

The MRH II / E series' compact design allows installation in reduced spaces and keeping the value of the initial installation investment at minimum requirements. With connection capability into a 115 Volt AC line.

The MRH II / E Systems can easily be adapted from analog to digital devices keeping the value of their original investment in the event that a system upgrading is required.

The MRH II systems are available in fixed height (MRH II) or with variable height (MRH II E).

MRH Alpha

The MRH ALFA Radiogrphaic System is for general radiography applications of the musculosketal system, abdome, extremities, and thorax.

The compact design of the MRH Alfa allows it to be installed in small spaces with minimum pre-installation requirements. With connection capability into a 115 Volt AC line.

The MRH Alfa control console includes an anstomical program by region, detection of patient's body type, which allows for the selection of the appropriate radiongraphic technique in a rapid and precise manner.

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